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    boss man
    Welcome to the Recharge PVP Forums!

    We're extremely excited to finally be opening; and to have you all online! Here we’ll be quickly going over available features for our KitPVP and SkyBlock realms, as well as giving a quick overview of how to play.

    SkyBlock Classic:
    Our opening SkyBlock realm offers a unique take on the classic gamemode, allowing for players to create up to 5 Sub-Islands from their Hub Island. This can be done by using the /island marketplace.

    Advantages of a sub island:
    • Each island has its own unique perk, from faster crop growing rates to having more sustainable anvils.
    • Unique permissions per island. This means you can turn one island into a PVP island, or play on one specific sub-island with your friends.
    • You can sell your island using /island sell; allowing for you to sell houses or farms.

    Another key part of Skyblock is the PVP arena. Here you can take part in PVP events every hour. For launch there’ll be 3 unique events:
    • The Bloodspill event. Get the most kills in the arena and receive a crate key; as well as money for every kill.
    • Supply Drop event. The rarest event, supply drops will fall from the sky offering rare rewards. Open the most supply drops for a crate key.
    • Apocalypse event. The PVP Arena turns into a mob arena. Get paid for every mob kill, as well as for killing the most.
    The scale of the event depends on how many players take part.

    Quests are also a key part of Skyblock. You can view all available quests in the /quests menu. Completing a quest will give you valuable rewards, as well as new quests to complete. These are a great way to get started on the server.

    As well as all of this, the server offers a dynamic Warp Menu; showcasing the most popular warps (in order of hourly visits), Warp Promoters to get your warp at the top of the list for 24 hours, Minions, Boosters, Warp Pads, custom Chestshops, Overflow inventories, Crates and much more!

    If you’re confused about anything on the server there’s a /tutorials menu, which will give you help on any key feature. You can cancel the tutorial at any time by typing “cancel” into the chat. Tutorials are however only a few seconds long.

    KitPVP Ancient Realm:
    Our KitPVP gamemode will be split into 4 realms; Horror, Ancient, Superhero and Competitive. Only the Ancient realm will be available on opening; with the Horror realm opening soon after and Superhero realm opening in September - October. More information on the Competitive realm will come soon.

    Each realm will offer the same core gameplay, however with 9 unique kits and 9 unique powerups; as well as having 3 unique maps. Every kit offers abilities to help you destroy your enemies; all being unique per kit. You can change your kit at any time using /kit. By default you will have 3 Tier 1 kits unlocked per realm. You can unlock more kits from Crates; or trade with players to buy them in the Auction. While kits are sorted by tier, they all offer the same power levels. The higher the kit tier, the more complicated to play it is; most likely offering more advanced abilities.

    Powerups have a huge impact on gameplay, and are unlocked through gaining killstreaks. After picking your powerups, you need to gain a 3 killstreak to use your Tier 1 Powerup, a 5 killstreak to use your Tier 2 and 10 killstreak to use your Tier 3. There is a cooldown between powerups.

    As well as all of this, maps cycle every hour. This helps keep the environment fresh, with each map offering unique gameplay making some kits more viable than others. Donors can vote on the map using /vote. After dying on the server you will instantly respawn in the map again, close to the action; offering fast paced PVP all the time. You can leave the arena at any time using /spawn.

    Upon joining use the command /join to join the arena. From there you will need to select one kit, and 3 powerups (one from each tier).

    Lastly, the server offers Events and Challenges. Every few minutes a challenge will begin, offering an easy way to gain keys in the arena. Events begin every hour. On opening only the Infection event will be available; rewarding the top infector or survivor with prizes. You can use Event-Passes to guarantee a spot.

    We look forwards to seeing you all online! Thank you for staying with Recharge for the opening. We'll be releasing information soon regarding Youtubers who will be streaming & recording on the server; so please don't let the player count put you off during the opening week. Make sure to use this time wisely to get ahead before more players join, and to find any bugs!