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    1. McFlops

      /fly for ranks

      +1 Sounds like another great perk to add to Skyblock for those who have purchased a rank. Hope to see it added :)
    2. McFlops

      Banning System info

      I believe a more in-depth page on the rules & guidelines of Recharge Skyblock will be released shortly to specify on the points you've brought up, as well as KitPvP. However, we're not going to give players a second chance if they do not read the rules. That's their fault. Also, nobody is...
    3. McFlops

      Hello! I'm Kyus :D

      Nice to meet you Kyus! Hope to see you around
    4. McFlops

      They call me flopper

      Feel free to call me any clever or pun-related title in regards to "FLOPS" Hopefully, you'll get to know me a little bit better from this thread! :D Nationality: British-American Favorite Class: Physical Movement (Class for theater majors. Learning and practicing the methods/exercises of...
    5. McFlops